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Are you about to give your house a makeover? Do you want to change the look of your living room and not create a big mess? Here is how you can do it. So, you have decided to go in for tiles and make your place look brand new, but have not decided what to choose? Yes, with so many options in the market things could get overwhelming especially if it is a big commitment like putting up tiles! That feels like a decision that you make once and forever.

Deciding on a look

The way to go here is by deciding on to what look you want to go for. A minimal, maximalist, bohemian, tropical or quirky. You can also see for yourself what style speaks to you the most. You must also take note of how much area do you want to be covered in the tiles, as it will help you get a clearer idea of what kind of design to go for. You can look up various pictures for inspiration at this point. Once it’s all done, see if the area is the busiest place in the house. This will make picking up the right material easy. The options in the market are flooded with so many patterns, colors, look and even the material. Go in with something that not only looks good but also suits your needs. Practicality is the key here!

Even more options

If you feel, you still cannot decide whether you should go for minimal looking tiles or something that adds in a pop of color you can just install tiles with a neutral tone. There is an option of putting tile stickers above those, this way it will be easier for you to change up the look if you ever feel like the design has started to look old or you simply feel a need for a change. There are tons of options to choose from.

Rental friendly options

The tile stickers come in various looks. They range from colored tiles to Moroccan patterns to some very quirky options. This is also a rental friendly option to take your place up a notch.

Stickers and other things

You can either use these on your kitchen tiles to suit your aesthetics, your bathroom floors and also your breakfast nook. These stickers are easy to maintain and clean. They look just like the real tiles and are much easier to change up if you feel like you are getting bored with it. You can also take them along with you if you are moving!

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